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Fourth Meeting
La Ligue, Bordeaux

Lifelong Learning Week 2018

The day 7th December 2018, CLAN has been presented in Lifelong Learning Week by Solidar Foundation. Careers guidance professionals of the whole of Europe have been informed about the object of CLAN and his first Intellectual Output (App and platform to evaluate transversals skills for low-skilled adults).

Third Meeting
Solidar Foundation

The days 3rd and 4th December 2018, the CLAN project partners meet again in Brussels (Belgium), coinciding with the Culture of Lifelong Learning Week (3rd - 7th December 2018).

In this meeting the structure of the technological tools designed during this year will be validated and the training model for the use of the tools will be defined, which will be presented to adult education educators in Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Belgium.


During the day 25th of May 2018, CLAN was presented to RIPO (Interuniversity Networks of Teachers of Guidance).

This event has allowed to disseminate the project throughout Spain. Teachers of guidance of Universities of all Spain have been informed about the object of CLAN. The main objetive is to rais awareness of this initiative and to involve the community in the use of these technological tools.

Multiplier Event
University of Valladolid

The day 17th May, the first multiplier event of the project will take place in the Faculty of Education and Social Work (Salón de Actos) with the collaboration of Fundación Rondilla.

This event is aimed at all entities and associations specialized in adult lifelong learning and adults with an interest in recognizing and improving their transversal competences.

The objective of this event is to inform the entire community about the CLAN project. This information will be showing the benefits of the Intellectual Outputs for both associations / entities and adults and inviting them to participate during the project.

Second Meeting 
University of Salford

The second meeting is organized , the days 26th and 27th of April 2018, to specifically define the framework of transversal competences (to be evaluated) and the design of the technological tool. The framework of transversal competences is based on the REBEL model. This model for evaluating the daily experiences of people, to identify their transversal competences. To evaluate the learning acquired throughout life, two variables are taken into account:

  • that the learning is situated in a context.
  • that this learning be transferred to other contexts.

The learning that will be evaluated are:

  • Learning from everyday life, learning developed from our own interests and learning from our own personal experience.

The next activities that will be carried out are the design of the web platform and the mobile application.

Kick of Meeting 
University of Valladolid

During the days 13th and 14th of December 2017, took place the kick of meeting of CLAN, in FEYTS, University of Valladolid. In this the session, all project partners (from UK, France, Belgium and Spain) and members of Rondilla Foundation, that they also actively collaborate in the development of activities with adults, have accompanied us.

This kick of meeting, has allowed the discussion among all the partners to know and assign the activities that will be carried out in the next months. With the collaboration of all the participants, the transversal competences framework and the process to evaluate them have been specified, as a basis for the continuation of the project.

During the next months, the technological tool will be designed and developed to facilitate this evaluation process, in an easy and accessible way to all the public.

Transnational Meetings

Valladolid (Spain)

Salford (UK)

Paris (France)

Brussels (Belgium)

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