How are transversal competences identified?

Through the technological tools, the REBEL model is connected to the ESCO Catalog to complete the Europass CV. In this way, the beneficiary carries out a process of self-identification and knowledge of himself and his competences, which he can transfer to his Europass CV, highlighting the value he gives to the requested job position.


European Skills/Competences, Qualifications and Occupations

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Europass CV

A document to present your skills and qualifications effectively and clearly

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What is CLAN?

CLAN was built to help you identify your transversales skills.


  1. Think of an activity you do in your daily life
  2. Start a first assessment of the indicators that reflect "Your know-how"
  3. Establish your transversal competences.
  4. Build your Europass CV, at the same time you evaluate your transversal competences.

We can work in CLAN with three ways

Cards: Workshop of 10 people (approx.). This activity is carried out face-to-face and aims to explore the transversal competences that the person has acquired informally. For this, the beneficiaries will be accompanied by an adviser who will provide our REBEL cards to facilitate this analysis.

Mobile APP: The Mobile APP aims to facilitate the community to make an individual exploration of their informal learning. This tool is used in an open and individual way, and it is the person who self-manages his self-analysis process.

Web platform: Small group workshop. This activity is carried out in person and with the assistance of an advisor. The purpose of the workshop is to prepare the Europass CV while the person explores their informal learning and identifies their transversal competences.


Mobile APP

Web platform

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